First Friday: Art Show, Wichita 01/07

Friday Jan 7th we would like to Welcome a Legend in the Wichita Art Community! Bill Goffrier First Friday is an opportunity to experience amazing art and be a part of an amazing experience! Come join us Friday, Jan. 7th from 6p to 8pm.

Bill says “It started in 2014 with a decision to paint, simply and briefly, the local places that I had spent years passing by. Buildings that I wanted to stop and ponder, in paint and light. The plan was to paint in person on Douglas Avenue, but after twenty paintings I began to push the boundaries. The entire city became fair game, and taking photos allowed me to spend more time in the studio, on textures and details that “felt” like Wichita. The series is still evolving, and the new portrait of The White Building is Wichita painting number 269.”

-Bill Goffrier, January 5, 2022